Gutter Cleaners in Sussex

Gutters surrounding properties are taken too much for granted. Their job is to direct water away from the building and safely into the sewers. A build up of leaves, moss grit , broken tiles and bricks impede the flow of rain water and eventually that water begins to seep into the building which can cause devastating and expensive damage.

Gutters overflowing and leaking onto and into walls will cause damage to masonry and paintwork. Also water can seep into the interior causing structural damage that often gets unnoticed it’s in advanced stages. Interior fungal growth, insect infestation and dry-rot can occur due to blockages in the gutters.
Water that is not freely channeled away will saturate the ground below and may undermine walls, leading to rising damp.

We use CCTV to first survey the state of the guttering and then vacuum the gutters with a high powered vacuum from the safety of the ground. Vacuuming up to 40 feet it possible and we continue to use the CCTV monitoring whilst cleaning. We recommend and annual service to keep the gutters free flowing, possibly more often if the building is under trees.

Gutter Cleaners
Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners - Blue Skies Window Cleaning Ltd have over 10 years experience in providing professional cleaning services, mainly covering Brighton, Hove and the Sussex area. We also provide gutter vacuuming and jet washing services.

Catering for both the commercial and residential sector we have hundreds of regular satisfied clients. Regular and one off contracts are both available as are risk assessments if needed. We are active members of Checkatrade and also the MGWC (Master Guild of Window Cleaners).

We can clean windows up to five stories high with our long reach window cleaner system, or higher upon request with the use of a cherry picker.