Payment Methods:

GoCardless Blue Skies WIndow Cleaning

GoCardless allows small business’s set up direct debit payments, removing the need for regular card payments.

How to set up GoCardless:

Information on how to set up GoCardless should be placed here. SIGN UP TO GOCARDLESS

Pay with GoCardless:

Go Cardless

PayM Blue Skies WIndow Cleaning

Paym is a mobile payment system used by small businesses and the general public to send or receive quick and secure payments using only a mobile number.

How to get PayM:

Just log in to your existing mobile banking or payment app and click on the PayM tab to assign your mobile number to your bank account. You can also set this up online, check which Banks are using PayM and link through to the relevant pages on their website via this page: GET PAYM

How to pay Blue Skies via PayM:

Once you have registered PayM on your mobile device simple make payments to our contact number:

07796 144 991
PayM Blue Skies WIndow Cleaning

Traditional Bank Payments

To make payments via your bank please use the following account details:
Sort code: 09-01-28
Account: 81823737